1. How often should I seal my granite?

All Granite is different but a general rule of thumb is every 2-3 years, the way to check if your granite needs to be sealed is to pour a small amount of water on the surface then wait 15 min wipe the water away and if the area is darker then that means moisture is penetrating the granite and should be sealed to prevent staining.

2. Why does my travertine have holes in it?

Travertine has natural holes or voids that are filled in the factory but over time these fills can become loose and open, this is very common and very easy to refill.

3. Why does my marble have water stains? 

These marks are actually etch marks from something of an acidic nature, marble is primarily composed of calcium carbonate, so when the acid comes into contact with the stone it leaves an etch on the surface.These etch marks can be removed by the professionals at Superior Stone Restoration.

4. How often should I have my stone floors professionally cleaned and sealed?

Stone floors require maintenance and should be professionaly cleaned every year depending on the amount of traffic on the floor.Superior Stone offers a 5 year no stain warranty on all sealers we use 

5. Do you charge by the square foot?

We do not charge by the square foot we charge based upon the job and what needs to be done, we do not believe in charging you for something that does not need to be done.For example the kitchen floor gets much more abuse than say a master bathroom floor, so we would not charge you the same for that floor as the kitchen floor.

6. My carpet guy said he can clean my stone floors also, is this a good idea? 

While there some quality carpet cleaners or cleaning companies that service Natural Stone,however the majority are not properly trained or experienced to do restoration on Stone and should be left ONLY to Stone and Tile Professionals. Fixing problems caused by other companies is a big part of our business, don't let this happen to you.

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