Description of Services

Grinding: This process is used to remove lippage (uneven edges) this is usually due to a poor installation, this will leave the floor flat and lippage free.

Diamond Honing: This process is used to remove scratches, etching and wear patterns and also provide clarity in the stone, leaving the stone with a satin smooth finish.

Diamond Polishing: This process is done using diamond abrasives and polishing powders, no harmful crystallization chemicals are ever used nor are any types of stone wax or sealers. Once your stone is polished it will have deep clarity, depth and a mirror finish.

Sealing: We will seal your Natural Stone with a penetrating sealer that will go deep inside the stone and protect fro the inside out. We use only Stone Pro Sealers to safeguard your investment for years to come.

Cleaning: We provide safe professional cleaning for your Natural Stone using only those cleaners rated safe for Natural Stone, never let an inexperienced contractor clean you floor with the wrong chemicals, We will use professional grade cleaners to remove dirt, pet stains and all contaminants from your Stone and Grout.

Repairs: We can fix cracks, replace broken tiles, fill holes in travertine, fix etch marks, remove and replace grout.

Stripping: Sealers, wax or other floor finishes that need to be stripped will be done so with the use of stripping chemicals, floor machines, extraction units, etc. 

Stain Removal: We can remove stains using expert techniques.

Etching: We can remove etching -- those dull whitish areas -- on your Marble or Travertine caused by acidic spills or improper cleaning chemicals.

Filling Holes: We can fix the holes and voids in your travertine with the color matching epoxy and traverfill

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